Just added for October 2016! / Chloe Caldwell's "I'll Tell You in Person" (Coffee House Press & Emily Books) / by Alyson Sinclair

I'm psyched to be working on publicity for Chloe Caldwell's essay collection I'll Tell You in Person (out Oct. 4th, 2016). It's the 2nd release from the new Emily Books & Coffee House Press partnership. Taking review and interview requests now! Email me at aly@alysonsinclairpr.com

Chloe Caldwell has written the ideal ‘female companion book’—meaning, while reading, I felt like I had a female companion with at all times. On the subway, I had my female companion. In my backpack, I had my female companion. On the sidewalk, I held on tight to my female companion, and pedestrians would stare at her, so boldly yellow in my hands. Pretty soon my female companion took up residency in my head. She helped me process the world with sass, spite, sympathy, and wit. I don’t know what could be better than a book that allows you to be alone but to never feel lonely. ‘I’ll Tell You in Person’ does this and more. It projects the most potent afterglow, and Caldwell is a writer beyond gifted and generous. She is like a sage.
— Heidi Julavits, author of "The Folded Clock"
Chloe Caldwell tells you all her secrets in a controlled mania so you can devour them in a more compulsive fashion. I couldn’t stop reading this book, and when I was finished I kept looking around to see where my awesome new friend went. She’s right in here, brimming with most excellent girldom, a commitment to experience that feels religious, a dedication to vulnerability that likewise radiates holy holy holy. I love this person’s life, and I love the way she writes about it—funny and blunt and chatty and truthful.
— Michelle Tea, author of "How to Grow Up"
Chloe Caldwell is a brilliant essayist; one moment you’re laughing your face off and in the next she rips out your heart. I found myself talking out loud to her pages. We’re in there, with her, the hoping and the hurting and the living. I’ll go back again and again to ‘I’ll Tell You in Person.’ It’s about all of us.
— Megan Stielstra, author of "Once I Was Cool"