To connect, email me at I’m currently primarily based in Minneapolis, but I’ve lived in and still spend time in San Francisco, NYC, and Charleston, SC. My connections are strong and varied in the national and local literary, arts & culture, music, and general interest media world. Last year alone, I set up 100+ events at venues large and small—from indie bookstores to the 92nd St. Y, Los Angeles Public Library, Chicago Tribune events, MPR: The Current Presents (Mpls.), the Smithsonian (DC), City Arts & Lectures (SF), etc.

When connecting about a possible freelance or consulting opportunity, it’s helpful to know if you have already established goals, a project timeline, and/or set an event/publication date. If you’re connecting about freelance book promotion, please include a brief description, author or editor bio, and name of the publishing house. Generally, it’s best to connect at least 3-4 months in advance of an event/project/or book launch.

For more information about my work interests and experience, read client/colleague recommendations, and/or to see some of my connections, please visit my LinkedIn page.

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